Global Game Jam 2015 (We made our FIRST GAME!)

Last weekend Iñaki Vazquez and  myself participated in Global Game Jam 2015 in our city Irun. It was a really hard and fun experience at the same time. This year the theme to make the game was "What do we do now?". I  am VERY proud to show you our fist game: JAM RIOT

If you are using PC, Mac or Linux just click HERE and PLAY!

Iñaki the programmer is the "hero" that  goes mad when he reads the theme of this year, and begins to beat everyone with a keyboard in his way . He encounters GGJ guys armed with mouses, girls using
extinguishers and myself as the evil final boss!


Global Game Jam Guy (he resembles Borja)

Girl armed with an extinguisher

Myself (Ibai)

Iñaki programmed the game with the help of my brother (thanks Aritz!) using Construct 2, and I drew all the graphics and animations. Thanks to Gonzalo Sardon for the amazing main theme, and to Hugo Cruces for the perfect sound fxs!

Me and Iñaki.

It was an awesome experience and I met really GREAT people.

Special thanks to Pintxo Developers.

You can play by yourself the games created by our new friends here.

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